Seabreeze is CASHLESS!


Experience ultimate convenience and faster transactions at Seabreeze. Using RFID wristbands and Cashless Payment Technology, your wristband becomes your ticket and digital wallet!


The only payment accepted at all vendor locations will be your RFID wristband – you just double-tap to pay! To make the most of your on-site experience, create your Intellitix Web account, add your wristband, and attach a payment method.


Setting up your Intellitix Web account


Step: 1: Go to Click Create an account.


Step 2: Once you are logged into your Intellitix Web account, click Add Wristband. Enter your wristband UID and Security code located on the back of your wristband.


Step 3: Click the Profile page, Payment Method, and then click Add Payment Method. Enter your card details, number, name, expiry date, and CVC then click Done. You are now ready to make purchases at the event!


Need some additional assistance creating your Intellitix account, adding your wristband, or attaching a payment method? Check out this help center!


How to make purchases at Seabreeze


Now that you’ve set up your Intellitix Web account, added your wristband, and attached a payment method,  you can make purchases for drinks, food, and merchandise at the festival. Once you’re at a vendor location:

* Tap your wristband at a vendor

* Place your order with the staff

* Tap your wristband a second time to confirm your purchase


Your wristband is linked directly to your card, meaning you are only charged for what you spend. It’s that easy!


From your Intellitix Web account, you can easily view your transaction history and receive purchase receipts.


Unable to attach a payment method to your Intellitix Web account?


If you are unable to attach your payment method to your Intellitix Web account, fret not! A limited number of Top-up stations will be available at the event, accepting cash only. Please take note: Refunds will not be issued post-event, so only load what you intend to spend!

Aaron Beasant Park Amphitheater

600 S Pier Park Dr.

Panama City Beach, FL 32413

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