Handicap Parking


*General Admission Handicap parking is available throughout Pier Park.  Bay County Sheriff Explorer’s Program will be operating trams to pick up and drop off patrons between the Pier Park parking area and the festival main gates.


*Reserved Handicap Parking is located behind the amphitheater stage.  Follow signs to entrance road behind stage via West Park Drive on the south side of the venue. Upon presentation of photo ID, a handicap placard or hang tag will be issued for the handicap patron and one assistant to continue to the reserved handicap parking area.  All others in the vehicle will need to exit at this point and enter through the General Admission Main Gates nearby.


*All reserve ticket holders (Gold, Premium and Ultimate Jazz Tables) Along with reserved handicap patrons please use south entrance from Front Beach Road to West Park Drive to easily access Reserve Parking areas. Access road to parking is behind the event stage.  Admission to the reserved parking area is by placard or hang tag only.

Aaron Beasant Park Amphitheater

600 S Pier Park Dr.

Panama City Beach, FL 32413