We have taken enhanced health and safety measures – for our guests and our employees. When visiting the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, you must follow all instructions posted below and at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival performance area.


An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.


By visiting the festival site, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19




By entering the fairgrounds, you are confirming that you and your party are:


* not experiencing of any of the following symptoms of COVID-19 identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at, including:


 °  Fever or chills

 °  Cough

 °  Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

 °  Fatigue

 °  Muscle of body aches

 °  Headache

 °  New loss of taste or smell

 °  Sore throat

* have not been in contact with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 symptoms without completing a 14-day quarantine

* are not under any self-quarantine orders


Guests who cannot confirm all of the above criteria must not enter the festival grounds.


By entering the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, you acknowledge that you understand and will abide by the above health-and-safety requirements.


Help keep each other healthy and safe.





To promote health and safety, the following are required to enter the festival amphitheater area:


Face Coverings

Temperature Screening

Physical Distancing





Face coverings must:


Be made with at least two layers of breathable material

Fully cover the nose and mouth and secure under chin

Fit snug but comfortable against the side of the face

Be secured with ties or ear loops

All guest to remain hands-free

Masks required inside the venue include entrance lines

Masks must be worn with the exception of actively eating or drinking


The following are not permitted:


Neck gaiters

Open-chin triangle bandanas

Face coverings with valves, mesh or holes of any kind



Amphitheater Rules and Policies:




*Masks required at entry.


*Temperature checks at the entrance gates. All individuals with a temperature of 100.4 F or higher will denied entry along with the group that travelled with them.


*Staggered entry allowing early admission for 2020 wristband holders. Later admission to 2021 wristband holders.


*8 hour hand sanitizer provided at all entry gates by 3P America.




*Social Distancing of 6 feet recommended inside venue. Additional space will be provided for General Admission with the moving of all food trucks, tents, and concessions off of the performance field to our new Food Court area.


*In areas you cannot social distance -- masks are required


*Touchless Payment and Entry with RFID encoded JazzBands. No cash allowed inside the venue. Fans will add funds to their wristbands beginning in late March via the website or the Seabreeze Jazz Festival mobile app.


*Venue sanitation by 3P America including 8 hour hand sanitizer stations at the entrances and throughout the venue. 3P America will also be treating and sanitizing the restrooms, seating areas, tables, and tents daily. In addition, 3P America  technicians will on site throughout the show to spot treat and help with masking compliance.


Click here for more information on 3P America:

Watch Video


*All food trucks and food vendors now moved to our adjacent new Food Court for extra space for lines and room to dine in our large Food Court tent or socially distanced in the Food Court field. This will be in a new additional area added to the show just outside the west gates. Additional areas to each on spaced tables will be provided for social distancing as well as a large covered tent with tables for shade. See festival map.







*Each of the tables in the section will be spaced 6 feet apart in the section. The tables are 6 foot rounds. Please note -- some tables will move from the platform to the grassy area to enable this distancing.


*The catwalk will not be included in the 2021 layout for additional social distancing of the musician to the audience. This will also provide more space to separate the tables and follow social distancing guidelines. Table 16 will move up the stage, in the center just behind the first row of tables.


*If a fan is not comfortable with their seat at table, additional smaller tables and seating will be provided throughout the same section as an alternative.


*Fans are required to wear a mask unless actively drinking or eating.





*The rows of seating in the Premium Reserve area will be spaced six fee apart forward and back.


*To maintain the integrity of seating order in each row, chairs will be spaced out the best we can to the edge of the grassy oval performance field. We hope to provide adequate spacing but cannot guarantee a full six feet in some rows. We expect fans with multiple seats together in one order will want to sit together in the row. Some moving of chairs together within the same row is expected as each group initially is seated.


*If a fan is not comfortable with their seat provided, additional seating will be available throughout the same section as an alternative. This seating may be individual seats at the end of the rows, or in an area directly behind the last row of reserve seats in your section.


*Fans are required to wear a mask unless actively drinking or eating.





*Meals will be pre-boxed for limited contact by the food caterer.


*Food service serving times will be structured by section to avoid long lines. Your area will be told when to go.


*Tables inside the tent will be spaced for social distancing for dining. Please use social distancing when selecting a table to eat. You of course, can still take your meal back to your table in front of the stage if you desire.


*Additional tables will be added outside the tent area under the trees and the open area adjacent to the Hospitality Tent for additional seating options for dining.






*Additional space has been created in the General Admission area for social distancing through the entire park... including seating under the shade trees that usually were not available due to food trucks, tents, and bars. We are moving all of these outside to our new Food Court --creating 50% more more for General Admission seating. Some of this seats is both east and west of the performance oval as well as near the restrooms and new Food Court area.


*Row markers will be in place in the General Admission area spaced 6 feet apart. These will be either a large plastic tape or colored rope between supports. Please place your chair against the back of the row and practice 6 foot social distancing when seating in General Admission. Additional areas will be available for socially distinct seating under the park's shade trees, in front the park's bathrooms, and near the entrance to the new food court area.


*Keep in mind the park office has removed a substantial amount of shrubs and small trees from the venue -- greatly increasing the view of the stage from all three sides of the festival area in front of the stage.


*With our staggered entry allowing the 2020 wristband holders EARLY ADMISSION up to several hours before the 2021 wristband holders -- we hope to stagger the entry lines and number of fans entering the venue at one time considerably.


*Please be courteous and conscience of your smooth jazz neighbors. We are all here for the same reason -- for a safe, enjoyable weekend of smooth jazz.


*Fans are required to wear a mask unless actively drinking or eating.





*The Thursday, Friday, and Saturday After Parties (both the early party at 10:30pm and the Midnight Jam) have moved to a new area adjacent to the Food Court. This will provide more room for social distancing while still enjoying a great show. No need to leave the park, move your car, and find the venue. The After Parties will be at the main performance venue.


*The gates to the New After Party Area will open at 10:30pm. The party will include a selection of delicious appetizers and a cash bar will be provided. In case of inclement weather -- fans will have access to the large tent in the Food Court area.








*Vendor tents will be spaced apart with occupancy limitations and social distancing of six feet.


*Each vendor will limit the number of shoppers inside the vendor tents at all times.


*Please maintain 6 foot spacing will standing in line in front of vendor tents.


*Each vendor will be practicing enhanced cleaning and sanitizing of their tent area,


*All sales are TOUCHLESS and CASHLESS by scanning your RFID wristband for purchase.


*Pre-shop our Seabreeze Jazz Festival merchandise via the festival mobile app and avoid the lines at our Merchandise Tent for Express Touchless Pickup


*All the other vendors will be listed on the Seabreeze Jazz Festival mobile app with details on their products -- allowing fans to plan their shopping experience for limited interaction.


*We will have several TOP UP STATION kiosks if you need to add funds from your credit card to your wristband. No cash will be handled for safety reasons.


*The Seabreeze Jazz Festival Mobile App is your best tool for adding funds to your JazzBands without leaving your seat. You can also check the balance on your wristband, or see a list of your previous purchases.


*Get $5 worth of FREE JAZZ BUCKS by preloading $100 or more to your wristbands by Wednesday, April 21st. To use the $5 bonus have to spend the full $100 during the show.







*All food and drink vendors will be moved to a new large adjacent grassy area just outside the west gates. This area will be completely fenced in and part of the venue. It's a short walk from the performance area.


*Food vendors will be set up in a U-shaped fashion with plenty of space for lines and social distancing.


*A large tent will be available with spaced tables for seating in the shade. Additional tables will be placed spaced out in the open grassy areas.


*With the spacing at the tables --we feel this is a safe place to remove your mask safely once seated and socially distanced at least six feet.


*You are welcome to eat in the Food Court area or return to your seats. Just make sure to keep your mask on unless you are actively eating or drinking.


*Download the Seabreeze Jazz Festival Mobile App to see all the food vendor menus and prices.







*If you are sick, stay home.


*The entire festival this year is moving to a CLEAR BAG POLICY.


*Please use the 8-Hour Hand Sanitizer provided by 3P American at all the entrance throughout the venue. It's completely safe, non-allergenic, and EPA approved and drys quickly on your hands. Once dried lasts for up to 8 hours ...and washing your hands doesn't affect it.


*It is very important to keep in mind to social distance where you can. There will be areas inside the venue where people will gather in lines or near the vendor/Food Court area and your mask will be very important to keep on correctly.


*Remember to stand in line spaced out at least 6 feet for all vendors, bars, and at the restrooms. The large General Admission restrooms will have bathroom attendants to help direct traffic flow and keep people spaced and not clustered in tight places.  Please listen to the bathroom attendants' instructions when you enter the bathroom area.


*You must wear your mask with the exception of actively eating or drinking.


*Take a "breather" at the expanded food court area once you are socially distanced, seated, and can remove your mask. This is our new expanded area created out of the adjacent sports field.


*Make sure your mask is back correctly in place when you return to the main performance area.


*Compliance Officers from 3P America will be on-site each day to retreat and sanitize high use areas of the venue. Plus...they will be roaming the venue checking to make sure fans have their masks on correctly. Look for these professionals walking around in white uniforms.


*Sorry -- no Meet and Greets will be allowed with the artists this year. We hope to have pre-signed CD's from the artists for sale.


*The catwalk will be removed from the main stage to provide more room for spacing for the Ultimate Jazz Tables --and to provide a safe distance between the artists performing and the audience.


*Please check back the Rules and Procedures again before the show so you are up to date.


*Please be courteous and your smooth jazz neighbors and enjoy the show.


*We are all in this together -- and if we all do our part and follow the guidelines and rules -- we should all get the opportunity to enjoy a great live smooth jazz show together...safely.









If you have any questions, direct them to


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